October 16 2018


New unit 7 is up and running and unit 3 has been boosted..

Unit 7 becoming operational marks the end of the structural reorganisation process that started a while back. Production has been entirely merged in the Meduna di Livenza facility. The original Pasiano di Pordenone site has retained the warehouses, shipping department and a water-based paint cycle system.

The seventh unit is home to new machines which will help reduce overall production process times. The single box packaging department has been enhanced and the paint warehouses have been merged into one large space organised to serve all the paint lines. There have been new investments for unit 3, reserved for just in time orders with weekly deadlines. We are now ready to do more in even shorter time frames even for small batch lots.

So once more the news is all about expansion, increase and improvement aimed at taking the quality of both product and service to an even higher level.