June 09 2017


Collaboration between SACA and the “Consorzio Universitario di Pordenone” continues

Students completing their degree in Production Engineering & Management will be visiting Saca during 10th May. This has been organized with the University of Trieste in co-operation with the Hochschule Ostwesfalen-Lippe.

This annual appointment, demonstrates Saca’s active role in training future professionals entering the furniture industry. Students specializing in manufacturing equipment and processes will be accompanied by Professor Ing. Egidio Babuin and will be joined by Mr. Andrea Isola to provide a presentation of Saca and tour of the factory. In the afternoon there will be an open discussion with the management.

The main objective of the day is to provide an insight & understanding of the key technical aspects of production and the organisation. The visit will focus on machine set up, tooling, and system planning for the transformation of MDF into finished components. Students will learn the technical wording for all the processes involved from raw material through to final product and understand how to evaluate these aspects to compete on quality and cost in the market.