June 26 2020


Our response to a need that became an urgent requirement.

The previous bulletin ended with a mention of the ability to turn problems into opportunities. In this period we proved our ability in many areas, including product innovation, as demonstrated by SAFE, or Saca Antibacterial Finishing Evolution, a new antibacterial/sanitizing finish that can be applied to our full range of door fronts in any colour, matt or gloss.

As its name promises, SAFE reduces bacterial proliferation on surfaces by 99% over 24 hours, and that action continues over time, ensuring that chemical and mechanical resistance properties of surfaces remain unaltered.

SAFE has been successfully laboratory-tested to check compliance with the ISO22196:2011 standard, covering measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous materials, and is completely suitable for food contact.

We must add that we designed SAFE  not just to meet the needs of the current health crisis, but also to anticipate the requirements of what will be the new future normal where hygiene standards have to satisfy greater consumer demands for safety.


Zenith is also becoming SAFE.
Visual beauty and tactile appeal are now combined with antibacterial action.

Do you remember Zenith, our extra matt soft touch finish, a clear winner in combining an elegant matt finish with superior tactile appeal? Well, it deserves further mention, because it can now also offer another extraordinary benefit, antibacterial action.

From today, upon request, Zenith is available in the SAFE – Saca Antibacterial Finishing Evolution version. Already a guaranteed top performer thanks to its outstanding self-healing, fingerprint-proof and excellent light-resistance properties, as of now, Zenith now boasts an important bonus feature, which furniture manufacturers tuned in to shifting consumer requirements will definitely appreciate and turn into a business opportunity. It just gets better then.