October 16 2018


SACA is the first company to obtain the prestigious environmental quality label for lacquered fronts and components.

This is a piece of news that we’re especially happy to share. Being able to show off the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the official sustainable quality label of the Nordic countries, a market that has always been very conscious of environmental issues, brings us immense satisfaction and is a just reward for the hard work that went into obtaining it. It is important to emphasise that we are talking about an internationally recognised certification: the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the most reliable and respected labels in the world.

The positive on-site audit result of 31st August marks the finish line of a journey that SACA embarked in 2017, setting up a specially-designed manufacturing cycle that could meet the strict requirements set by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Using extremely low formaldehyde MDF panels, with guaranteed full traceability,
and solvent-free reduced VOC paints, we met the stringently high environmental standards required by the markets in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification was created in 1989 at the request of the Nordic Council of Ministers with the aim of creating a product labelling system that would promote consumption of environmentally sustainable products. It is issued by an official, independent, third-party organisation and sets environmental parameters across the entire product life cycle. It is based on the vision of a better society, resulting from a collective effort that promotes responsible use
of resources, the creation of an environment without toxic substances and reduction of the influence of industrial processes on climate change.

The “white swan”, a symbol of a positive environmental policy now extended to more than 60 product categories, is currently displayed by hundreds of products ranging from cosmetics to detergents, toys to coffee machines, and hotel supplies to flooring. SACA can proudly confirm that it is the very first company to have obtained Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification for lacquered doors and components in the “Furniture and fitments” segment.

Never before has there been such strong, unanimous interest in a sustainable future. Increasing numbers of us are becoming aware that we can be part
of the solution. The number of companies fully committing to respecting the environment, minimising waste and steering towards use of renewable energy sources is constantly increasing.

If, as it would appear, in the future market leadership will be conquered by companies ready to develop and implement advanced environmental solutions, then this latest influential accolade also indicates that SACA
is on the right path.